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About Us

Formed in 2011, Silver Planet Concierge Services delivers healthcare providers and other clients with customized, patient-centered programs that help seniors maintain good health in a variety of transitional care settings.  Healthcare providers know that seniors who choose to remain at home as they age, and who suffer from chronic diseases, face significant risks in a fragmented, complex healthcare system.  Avoidable complications such as relapses and readmissions result in billions of dollars in financial costs to individuals, care providers, insurance companies and taxpayers. Most importantly, these complications take a huge toll in the quality of life for the seniors involved.

Our Concierge Services solution provides a holistic approach to patient participation and accountability for personal health and wellness. By providing assessment, coaching, and access to a wide range of community resources, Silver Planet Concierge Services helps patients understand and execute the steps required to maintain good health.  We complete the health network by creating a personal health record for each individual and securely provide access to patient health information between patients, family caregivers, doctors, hospitals and other community resources.

Silver Planet Concierge Services is a division of Silver Planet, Inc.