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Elderlife Financial ServicesFinance Resource: Elderlife Financial Services

Elderlife Financial Services was founded on a single guiding principle: life’s circle is completed when families take care of each other.

Elderlife Financial Services helps families plan, locate, and finance their elder care and senior housing needs. Elderlife Financial Services finds and offers solutions available to seniors and families caring for their elders in need of simple financial options to pay for assisted living or other adult living communities. Elderlife’s Senior Living Line of Credit provides immediate financial assistance for senior housing.

Elderlife’s Senior Living Line of Credit provides immediate financial assistance for senior housing. These lines of credit are increasingly relied upon by families across the United States to financially support a loved one’s transition to a senior living or assisted living community. Does your family need time to fix up the home in order to sell it at a higher price? Time for Mom or Dad’s stock to rebound? What if the siblings are arguing about who should subsidize Mom or Dad until an asset is liquidated? Are you thinking of using credit card advance checks but realize they carry hefty penalty rates, even if you are late by a day? A line of credit for senior living or assisted living could be the ideal solution for your family.

Here are just some of the benefits of an Elderlife Senior Living Line of Credit:

  1. Move a loved one into a community without the wait
  2. Same-day decision with fast funding
  3. Borrow only what you need in a line-of-credit format with flexible repayment terms
  4. Make affordable monthly payments on funds used as you wait for assets to liquidate
  5. Gives you time to make a home look its best so you can get the highest price possible
  6. Unsecured senior credit lines in amounts up to $50,000
  7. Apply together so no one sibling has to carry the financial burden

Click here to apply for Elderlife Financial’s Senior Living Line of Credit.

For more information, read Senior Living Line of Credit: A Financing Option for New Housing.

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