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Finance Resource: Integrated Wealth Management

Integrated Wealth Management Logo
Integrated Wealth Management builds strong, ongoing financial planning and strategic wealth management systems for individuals and families. Integrated Wealth Management works collaboratively with retirees aging in place and families assisting elder members to age in place.

Integrated Wealth Management works with clients to combine finances eliminate redundancy and increase transparency so investors know where the bottom line is. Each investment portfolio contains assets with each serving a specific purpose.

Integrated Wealth Management owner and manager Gregg W. Dawson’s goal is to integrate client finances with their values and desired lifestyle letting clients live a more meaningful, intentional life.

Integrated Wealth Management, founded by Gregg Dawson, offers advisory and financial planning services.  Gregg Dawson is also a Registered Investment Advisory Representative of KMS Financial Services, Inc., an independent, privately-owned securities broker-dealer and registered investment advisory firm based in Seattle, Washington.

Since 1971, KMS has served thousands of investors through a network of experienced investment professionals. KMS stresses compliance with the rules and guidelines of various regulatory bodies.

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