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Life Ledger LogoCaregiver Resource: LifeLedger Caregiver Guidance System

LifeLedger offers you the peace of mind & guidance you need as a caregiver. LifeLedger will guide you through a step-by-step process enabling you to quickly and efficiently make your elder safer and more independent. You will learn the ins and outs of being a successful caregiver. Your elder’s information will always be available, yet fully secure, thus providing an unprecedented ability to assist in emergencies. If a disaster strikes, an evacuations made, records are lost or communication is disrupted, you and your loved one can rest assured your caregiver information is safe with LifeLedger. Click here to Learn More about LifeLedger’s Platinum Level package.

Will you be called in a crisis situation? LifeLedger wants you ready for Emergency Personal and Emergency Rooms. They will be able to call you when your elder is in need of your help. Having both Wallet Cards and a Refrigerator Envelope, which you can use to hold additional information such as a medication list, along with having an additional contact available online will add a new level of safety for your elder. Click here to Learn More about the LifeLedger Silver level caregiver package.

LifeLedger offers a Free Emergency Contact Card.

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