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Geriatric Home Care Resource: Visiting Angels

Visiting Angels assist with Senior Home Care, Elder Care, Senior Care, In HomeCare & Assisted LivingVisiting Angels strives to eliminate the difficulties of bringing someone into your home to provide care. Visiting Angels makes staying at home to receive care a positive experience. Visiting Angels can do this because they let you select your caregiver from their group of experienced caregivers.

Visiting Angles are on your schedule not you on theirs. Visiting Angels adjust their schedule to fit your care needs. You are in charge of when you get up, bathe, dine and the rest.

Visiting Angels understands that no two people have the same care giver needs.

Visiting Angels will provide your needs whether it is respite care, care in home or at an assisted living facility, part time or full time care. Visiting Angels will provide an experienced caregiver right for you.

You will have a care program tailored to your current needs. As your care requirements change, so will the care your receive from Visiting Angels. Visiting Angels stay flexible to change the program as your different needs arise.

Visiting Angels also works along with any home health agency or nursing agency that may be assisting your loved ones after a recent hospital stay.

Visiting Angels requires every home care provider and home care agency carries to be bonded and insured. Visiting Angels requires all state specific licensing laws are followed and that each care provider has the appropriate license that permits “hands-on” care.

Visiting Angels home care agencies are trained to continuously monitor their caregivers through our unique system of continued personalized contacts through telephone check-in and home visits. Visiting Angel monitoring ensures care recipients receive the best possible care.

Follow the link below for the Northwest Visiting Angel Office in Port Orchard, Kitsap Co., Washington

Visit: Visiting Angels

“We recently had a bit of a family crisis when my father-in-law suffered a heart attack and had to be in the hospital and then rehab for several weeks. He has been the primary caregiver for his wife, who is in the early stages of Alzheimer’s and needs to have someone around at all times. As a family, we put in as much time as we could to care for her, but could not be present 24/7 which is what she needed. We found Visiting Angels through Silver Planet’s Resource section and were so pleased with the care and compassion that they provided. Luckily, my father-in-law is home and healthy now – but we’ve held onto Visiting Angel’s information should we ever need assistance again. Their team of providers were knowledgeable and helped all of us through a very difficult time. I’m not sure how we’d have made it through without them.”
Bainbridge Island, WA

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