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Health & Wellness Resource: Integrated Healing and Strength Systems, Inc.Integrated Healing and Strength Systems Inc,

Helping you understand your body, what to do to keep yourself strong and fit, and enjoy an active lifestyle in your silver years is what Israel “Coach Izzy” Sanchez is all about.

A fitness professional and pain therapist with nearly twenty years of experience in the field, Israel’s credentials and education are unmatched and his success record proves it.  His approach is one that pays attention to neglected aspects and understands the profound interactions of our bodies with the environment, and how those adaptations perpetuate dysfunctions but at the same time reveal how to address them.

Israel is without a doubt, the perfect choice for those who need to start or modify an exercise program, or increase their fitness level while rehabilitating from physical conditions.

“My experience with Izzy’s work shows a simple, thoughtful and effective approach that I would highly recommend to anybody.  In my 15 years of experience looking for a solution to knee and back problems I would start with Izzy before I tried anyone else.”

D. Chalk

“Within two months, Izzy had me ready to go.  My last session with Izzy was in mid February 2011 and it is now August and I’ve been playing since February.  (I’m even back up to three days per week … don’t tell Izzy).   By the way, I’m 53 y/o.  As far as I’m concerned, Izzy is a miracle man.”

J. Strauss

 “I have seen adults, who don’t think they will ever play an active sport due to pain, or other issues, return to an active life after Izzy has provided his treatment time. I would recommend him to anybody that has an open mind to new (and old) healing practices, far removed from the ordinary medical approaches of prescribing pain or inflammation pills to “create healing”. Izzy rocks. Really.”

A. Kamber

Contact Coach Israel today and start on your way to a healthier life! Use our exclusive private Silver Planet contact form reserved exclusively for Silver Planet members.