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Health & Wellness Resource: Personal Chef Roberta S. Lang

Roberta S. Lang’s personal chef service offers Aging in Place families a unique service by providing affordable meals prepared just for you, in your home. Personal Chef Roberta S. Lang creates customized menus based on the way you want to eat. Chef Lang does the grocery shopping, comes to your home, and prepares dishes from a menu that you’ve pre-approved.

Roberta Lang prepares, packages and labels the dishes, cleans up the kitchen and leaves you reheating instructions. The only way you know she has been to your home is to see your refrigerator and freezer full of delicious meals plus the wonderful aromas of cooking. Chef Roberta will leave behind a proposed menu for the next cook date visit but there is never an obligation or any contracts to sign.

Baby Boomers helping elder parents, seniors living alone and multi-generational families find comfort knowing healthy food will be turned into great tasting meals by involving Personal Chef Lang in their life and care plans. The relief of knowing their meals will meet their nutritional needs comes with an additional bouns of gaining the free time created by having this all done by a professionl chef. The whole family benifits from Personal Chef Roberta Lang’s talent.

Contact Roberta S. Lang to set up a time to discuss your Personal Chef needs and wishes.

“Hiring Roberta to cook for my aging parents has been the best decision I’ve made in a long time. They both have incredibly specific diets – one is diabetic with salt restrictions and the other is on a no-fiber diet. Somehow Roberta manages to make them both delicious and nutritious food that they look forward to eating. She comes in once a week – brings all her own supplies (and I mean everything) cooks, cleans, and leaves them with a week’s worth of food that is pre-portioned and has reheating instructions that are easy to follow. I highly recommend her services to anyone with aging parents who could use a bit of help in the kitchen.”
D. Hulbert
Bainbridge Island, WA


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