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Posit Science LogoCaregiver Resources: DriveSharp Brain Fitness Training

When you’re behind the wheel, your brain is one of the most important pieces of safety equipment.

DriveSharp brain fitness software is clinically proven to make people safer drivers. It includes the three visual processing exercises from the InSight visual processing program that are most important for driving.

Benefits of the DriveSharp program

  • Speeds visual processing and increases “useful field of view,” so drivers see more of the road with each glance
  • Decreases reaction time, so drivers can stop 22 feet sooner at 55 mph
  • Cuts at-fault crash risk by 50%

These improvements often make drivers feel surer behind the wheel, giving them the confidence to drive in unfamiliar places and difficult conditions.

DriveSharp Software - Fitness for your brainDriveSharp is the shortest brain training program offered by Posit Science. It has 10 hours of content split into 20-minute training sessions. Of course, if you prefer to train for longer or shorter periods, or work for more than 10 hours, you can do that. It’s designed to fit your schedule.

As with all Posit Science programs, DriveSharp adapts to your unique level so that you’re always working your brain at the optimal level. The program also helps you understand your progress by giving examples relating your individual improvement to driving and other real-life scenarios.

Click DriveSharp Brain Fitness Training to view a program demo and to measure your risk via the Posit Science Crash Risk Evaluator

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