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Legal Tips on Choosing a Home Care Worker

Carolyn Rosenblatt - Silver Advisor

Carolyn L. Rosenblatt

Many people need to arrange a little help at home for themselves or their aging parents. Should you go through an agency to find a home care worker? What happens if you don’t and instead hire on your own? What is the law on hiring home care workers?

During this FREE WEBINAR, Carolyn Rosenblatt, an expert nurse-attorney experienced in home care, addresses those questions and more. A free handout, Ten Tips for Hiring a Home Care Worker, will be emailed to you at the time of the webinar.

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Understanding ID Theft: Threats, Effects, Services, and Solutions

Ora Demorrow

Ora DeMorrow

A decade ago, people thought nothing of sharing their Social Security numbers and personal information, and identity theft was seen as a rare occurrence. Now this debilitating crime has become a pandemic, and everyone must take action to put a protective wall around themselves.

In this FREE WEBINAR, Silver Planet columnist Ora DeMorrow explains the primary ways that identity theft manifests itself in our daily lives and what the effects are. She will also discuss the many types of services people should consider when determining how to get the best protection.

Ora is owner and president of ID Security Solutions, a services company focused on protective and restorative identity theft and fraud solutions for individuals, small business, and corporate enterprise.

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Is a Roth Conversion Right for You?

Deborah Hoskins

Deborah Hoskins

Four in 10 American households own IRAs, but many still do not know of a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity in 2010 for income tax planning.

That planning opportunity is known as the “Roth conversion.” Whether it is right for you depends on many factors. A conversion involves paying taxes now to avoid paying taxes in the future. Some will lose money with this strategy, but many will gain a great deal.

In this FREE WEBINAR, Deborah Hoskins, JD, CFP, walks you through the many assumptions and features inherent to this tax planning strategy so that you can make the right choice!

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The Spiritual Challenges of Caregiving

Rabbi Richard F. Address

Rabbi Richard F. Address

Can faith and community be powerful aids to those caring for an aging loved one? In honoring our “father and mother,” how do we honor ourselves? Can a deeper understanding of spirituality and aging result in better care?

In this FREE WEBINAR, Rabbi Richard F. Address, DMin, discusses the spiritual aspects involved in the “art” of caregiving. Rabbi Address is the director of the Department of Jewish Family Concerns for the Union for Reform Judaism, whose mission is to work with congregations to create caring communities that have as their foundation a theology of sacred relationships.

His contemplations demonstrate a deep understanding of the human condition. Whatever your faith or philosophic outlook, you will be impressed with his insight and gentle advice.

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What Midlife Women Want: Sex, Relationships, Careers

Jane Glenn Haas

Jane Glenn Haas

According to Silver Planet columnist and multimedia personality Jane Glenn Haas, women want an opportunity to reinvent themselves. Boomers 50-plus tell her it’s time to reflect on their life, love, and legacy—and on the years left to enjoy, inspire, and flourish.

Most of the more than 4,000 women responding to Jane’s survey said they will stay married only if they feel the relationship “works” for them. They expect to be working or volunteering at least until age 70. Of course, many are simply looking for a job—forget “meaningful” work—while caregiving for a parent or spouse eats away their free time and diverts their attention from themselves.

Jane founded the nonprofit organization WomanSage to address these issues. Twice nominated for the Pulitzer Prize, her research on women at midlife has led to coverage by TIME magazine, the New York Times, the Chicago Tribune, and other publications.

In this FREE WEBINAR, she discusses the many pathways midlife women can take to meet the challenges of aging, including networking, finding support groups of women, and learning fresh ways to assess skills and talents.


This webinar has already occurred. Listen to Recording

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