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Webinar: What Midlife Women Want: Sex, Relationships, Careers

Jane Glenn Haas

Jane Glenn Haas

According to Silver Planet columnist and multimedia personality Jane Glenn Haas, women want an opportunity to reinvent themselves. Boomers 50-plus tell her it’s time to reflect on their life, love, and legacy—and on the years left to enjoy, inspire, and flourish.

Most of the more than 4,000 women responding to Jane’s survey said they will stay married only if they feel the relationship “works” for them. They expect to be working or volunteering at least until age 70. Of course, many are simply looking for a job—forget “meaningful” work—while caregiving for a parent or spouse eats away their free time and diverts their attention from themselves.

Jane founded the nonprofit organization WomanSage to address these issues. Twice nominated for the Pulitzer Prize, her research on women at midlife has led to coverage by TIME magazine, the New York Times, the Chicago Tribune, and other publications.

In this FREE WEBINAR, she discusses the many pathways midlife women can take to meet the challenges of aging, including networking, finding support groups of women, and learning fresh ways to assess skills and talents.
Click the button on the screen below to listen to the recording of this webinar.