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Rita Files

Rita Files, LPN, CALA, is a nationally recognized expert with the knowledge and skills needed to work effectively with the elderly. She has over 30 years of experience in eldercare. Rita’s background includes program development for many leading providers in the senior living industry.

Rita Files committed herself to help veterans age with dignity. Rita’s commitment fueled her desire to pursue credentials as an accredited claims agent through the Department of Veteran Affairs. Her mission: to honor those who have served and make sure they too are served. From this foundation, Rita provides powerful advocacy and resources to veterans and their families.

In addition to her nursing experience, Rita Files holds both state and national certifications in assisted-living administration. She is a founding member of the Senior Veterans Service Alliance. Her other memberships include the American Society on Aging and the National Care Planning Council. Rita. founded Veteran Files LLC one of less than 150 accredited VA claims agents in the United States. Rita serves as the Executive Director.

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