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Florence R. Klein

Superstorm Sandy Scams

By Florence Klein – 

The news coverage of Hurricane Superstorm Sandy hit airways some seventy-two hours before it slammed into the East Coast. Now the storm has passed and our citizens begin the process of assessing the damage and make a start at putting homes, businesses and lives back together.

There is, and will be, need for aid and assistance. There will also be crooks out looking to get money for themselves in the name of the victims. This happens after any major or even minor disaster. So be on the lookout for scams using the destruction and media coverage of Superstorm Sandy.

Be on the lookout for emails containing links to fraudulent donation sites or that may carry viruses. Do not follow links in emails from senders you do not know. Scam emails may urging you to “see amazing images”, “check out this site” or “watch this” links. These are aimed at getting your money or causing havoc on your computer using your interest and concern as bait.

Please take care with your resources and use caution while online. We join with the FBI and the Internet Crime Complaint Center to pass along these important security guidelines for online giving.

  • Do not respond to unsolicited email – just delete them
  • Beware of individuals soliciting donations via email
  • Do not follow links contained within an unsolicited emails – just delete them
  • Only open attachments from people you know – beware of emails with attached files as they may contain
  • Make contributions directly to known organizations – do not rely on someone you do not know to make donations on your behalf
  • Validate the legitimacy of the organizations before donating to them
  • Directly access recognized charity and aid organization through their websites
  • Do not provide personal or financial information to anyone soliciting contributions – providing this information can compromise your identity and make you vulnerable to identity theft

One sure way to donate is visit the American Red Cross at (no link here you will need to type it in yourself – just to practice being safe). Navigate to their donation page to help out

If you need to report suspected charity fraud, email the National Center for Disaster Fraud or call them at (866) 720-5721.

You can also report scam e-mails and fraud web sites to the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3).

Stay Safe,

Florence R. Klein

Florence Klein - Chief Visionary  Officer

Florence R. Klein

“Traveling across the country, I have listened to many seniors express frustrations with the Internet and with the scams targeting seniors. Hoping to empower more seniors to communicate and interact more effectively in today’s highly technical world, I envisioned a company that would serve the everyday needs of the ever-growing group of seniors, as well as protect them from scams. So, I reached out to the professionals in the areas of healthcare, finance, retirement living, and entertainment, with the idea of creating an ultimate resource guide for seniors. Receiving an enthusiastic reception and offers to help from across the globe, I formed a core group to transform this vision into reality. In this way, we created a trusted online resource for persons over 55 years: MySeniors/Silver Planet!”

Florence R. Klein is a knowledgeable investment professional with over 42 years of diversified experience. She is president of her own NASD firm, American Classic Financial Company, and is one of the few women-owned licensed Broker-Dealer firms in the United States. She was previously a vice president with Kidder Peabody & Company, Prudential Bache, and Gruntal and Company. Florence has worked with an impressive roster of public and private clients, including the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the State of Maryland. She has successfully transformed her creative ideas into sound business solutions across the country.

In addition to her brokerage career, Florence Klein is a highly regarded independent real estate developer. She has acquired and developed four historically certified luxury apartment complexes in the East and a land package in Colorado. She has also planned innovative intergenerational housing. Florence has structured and syndicated her own real estate projects throughout the United States. Her expertise in the financial world includes successful financing through limited partnerships, UDAG grants, and tax exempt municipals.

Her board affiliations include the Center for Prevention of Domestic Abuse, AIDS Information Network, and Hadassah. She has also established several successful women’s self-esteem and financial independence programs for incarcerated women in Colorado and Pennsylvania.

Ms. Klein holds a BA degree from the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania.